Glove Standards

The European standard EN 511 regulates the minimum requirements, test methods and labelling for safety gloves in relation to protection from cold. Gloves certified under this standard protect the wearer from convective cold (penetrating cold) and contact cold (direct contact).

Determination of performance levels for safety gloves against cold:

  • Convective Cold Resistance

    Based on the thermal insulation properties of the glove which are obtained by measuring the transfer of cold via convection. (Calculation of the thermal insulation properties based on the temperature of the hand model, room temperature and energy required to maintain the temperature.)

  • Contact Cold Resistance (Test in accordance with ISO 5085)

    Based on the thermal resistance of the glove material when exposed to contact with a cold object. (Comparison with normative reference).

  • Water Permeability (Test in accordance with EN ISO 15383)

    If no water permeates into the glove over a 30-minute period, this test is deemed as passed. (0 = water penetration, 1 = no water penetration).

EN 511: Cold Protection

TEST Performance Levels
0 1 2 3 4
Convective Cold Resistance i<0.1 0.1< i<0.5 0.15< i<0.2 0.22< i<0.3 0.3< i
Contact Cold Resistance R<0.025 0.025<R0.05 0.05<R<0.1 0.1<R<0.15 0.15<R
Permeability to Water Fail Pass

EN 388: Performance Levels

Convective Cold Resistance

0 1 2
i<0.1 0.025<R0.05 0.05<R<0.1
3 4
0.22< i<0.3 0.3< i

Contact Cold Resistance

0 1 2
R<0.025 0.025<R0.05 0.05<R<0.1
3 4
0.1<R<0.15 0.15<R

Permeability to Water

0 1 2
Fail Pass
3 4